Well it all started with my wife Stephanie a few years back in 2009. She inspired me with her determination to lose weight. She had done the Weight Watchers programs for about 6 months and lost about 40 pounds and then she started to train to run in the Las Vegas Rockin Roll 1/2 marathon. So over the next year I watched her lose weight and start to get more physical fit while I stayed nice and plump at 5’11 and 250lbs. So January 2011 I joined her and her running group. I met some really nice people who had been though the program with Paul just recently and were in great shape (Mark Thompson and ted Caldwell). And they told us all about the Real Results program and taught us all about their food prep each week that they learn from Paul. But that all sounded so extreme and I was not sure I was up for that kind of regime.
So for about the next year I was running and trying to eat better I lost about 25 pounds and was able to keep it off but I just could not seem to lose anymore. So my friend Mark Thompson who went through the program with Paul kept encouraging me to come down to the gym and check it out. So after a month of inviting me, I finally went down to the gym. I talked with Paul and we tried it out for a few weeks and then we committed to the 12 week program. We had a goal in mind of what we wanted to reach during that time. It was tough. We had to change diet, the way we thought, set goals, and stay accountable.
Paul was always positive and was always checking our books to make sure we were on track with our goals. We were committed; we went 3 days a week 6am without fail. We also did our extra cardio on the off days. And I was training for a 1/2 mile swim in Sprint Triathlon relay. So I was swimming 1/2mile in the pool 2 day a week too. Both Stephanie and I decided to extend our Goal date to 20weeks which would end right after our 20yr anniversary. We had good days and bad days, but always strived to be better after a bad day. The results were real and I am so glad that I was able to overcome my fears and do it anyway.
I started out at 42yrs old 215lbs 29% body fat and metabolic age of 65. My end results at 42 yrs. old 183lbs 16% body fat and metabolic age of 25. I now know what I have to do to maintain this new life goal and I Could not have done it without Paul and the Real Results Fitness team.
I am now a firm believer in the food prep process. Every week prep your meals it will save your life.