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Ashley Godfrey
Licensed Massage Therapist
NCBTMB Certified
(702) 331-3172
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The benefits of a massage, depending on which modality chosen is beneficial to both mind and body. A massage can decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality, improve concentration, and reduce fatigue.  Massage also improves immune system function by increasing lymph circulation, thus decreasing the chance of infection and disease. The improvement of circulation helps aid the removal of infectious agents from the body. Whether you are healthy, sick, pregnant, and young or old there is a massage type that is right for you.

A regular program of massage eases stress and pain and lets your body recover faster. It also helps you to be more flexible and improve range of motion. Massage can help you avoid injury, get more from your workouts and perform better at the sports you enjoy.

REALRESULTS refers out to massage therapist Ashley Godfrey.  Recommended is a minimum of 1x a month.  Pair your massage therapy with self-administered massage of foam roller for optimal results.
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