• Google Search to Fitness First

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog | on November 16, 2017

    My first class was with Coach Janelle and maaaan, let me tell you, the five to eight minute warm-up felt like an hour. I thought it was the whole workout! After that first workout, I became better and better every day. I’m so proud and happy! – Anayat Wardag Long time REAL RESULTS Fitness member […]

  • Meet Coach Markie

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog | on October 11, 2017

    Everyone rocks! You are your own person. You hold the power and have the capacity to change somebody’s life. You have already been practicing your purpose; it’s just waiting to fall into place. Keep following your puzzle piece. – Markie Henderson Meet Markie Henderson – REAL RESULTS coach, puppy-pose loving Yoga Instructor, Disney fan, booty […]

  • Stronger than Cancer

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog | on June 27, 2017

    REAL RESULTS member and REAL 90 alum Veronica Alvarado came to me with the idea of writing a post about one of our own at REAL RESULTS Fitness, Jessica Povey, and the assault cancer launched on her everyday life. We are a family at REAL RESULTS so Bryan Nelson, Paul Rosenberg and I kept close […]

  • At REAL RESULTS we pride ourselves on being a fit family! We’re more than weights, burning calories and kale smoothies! We’re support, accountability and pride, too. Thalia, Isabel and Bianca aren’t the first family members to sweat together at REAL RESULTS, but they are a shining example how our gym family creates a healthier family […]

  • The Bearded Chef’s Memorial Day BBQ Recipe The American BBQ goes hand in hand with Memorial Day. We hangout with family and friends in a backyard, park or pool side. We have some burgers and dogs while throwing back a few beers. But just because it’s a holiday does not mean you have to eat […]

  • A Coach Leading by Example with Mental Strength

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog | on April 30, 2017

    REAL RESULTS member and REAL 90 alum Veronica Alvarado came to me with the idea of writing a blog post about Coach Bryan Nelson’s mental strength. I witness this man leading on a daily basis. He is a great friend and mentor. We have crossed the finish lines of 24 hour races side-by-side. I have […]

  • BAD to the Bone

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog | on April 1, 2017

    Veronica Alvarado sat down with REAL RESULTS Fitness member and obstacle course race badass, Marissa Geffen-Temple, to get a look at the BADASS Dash. “I tell myself that my kids are watching. I want them to realize that quitting is never an option. You have a choice in life: you can make excuses or you […]

  • Myth Buster: Morning Workout vs. Evening Workout!

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog | on February 28, 2017

    By: Customer Service Team member Leticia Apablaza – check out her blog at I am sure you’ve heard different theories about morning workouts vs. evening workouts. Morning workouts are more effective, giving you a burst of energy for the day, makes you more alert and revs up the metabolism, contrary to evening workouts.   […]

  • A Year and a Goal Achieved

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog, The Baby, The Beard and The Barbell | on January 3, 2017

    When Jennifer Metzger turns 40 this month, the biggest gift she receives will be from herself. She’ll cross off a goal a year in the making. Jennifer first walked into REAL RESULTS last January. Friend and fellow badass Rachel Wenman put Jennifer in contact with Paul Rosenberg. Paul created and continues to lead the REAL […]

  • Dan Krohmer, whose restaurant Other Mama is on a streak of receiving accolades from the likes of GQ and Eater, is facing a new kind of test when it comes to food. Earlier this year he began working with Coach Bryan and now has to get through the holiday season without putting weight back on […]