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  • Myth Buster: Morning Workout vs. Evening Workout!

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog | on February 28, 2017

    By: Customer Service Team member Leticia Apablaza – check out her blog at I am sure you’ve heard different theories about morning workouts vs. evening workouts. Morning workouts are more effective, giving you a burst of energy for the day, makes you more alert and revs up the metabolism, contrary to evening workouts.   […]

  • A Year and a Goal Achieved

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog, The Baby, The Beard and The Barbell | on January 3, 2017

    When Jennifer Metzger turns 40 this month, the biggest gift she receives will be from herself. She’ll cross off a goal a year in the making. Jennifer first walked into REAL RESULTS last January. Friend and fellow badass Rachel Wenman put Jennifer in contact with Paul Rosenberg. Paul created and continues to lead the REAL […]

  • Dan Krohmer, whose restaurant Other Mama is on a streak of receiving accolades from the likes of GQ and Eater, is facing a new kind of test when it comes to food. Earlier this year he began working with Coach Bryan and now has to get through the holiday season without putting weight back on […]

  • Guilt-Free Dessert for the Holidays

    By Francis Hoare | In Blog, The Baby, The Beard and The Barbell | on November 30, 2016

    I don’t have just a sweet tooth, I have a mouth full of sweet teeth. These recipes are how I beat the craving for sugary dessert, guilt-free. Chia Seed Pudding  The first time I made this for dessert I was amazed by how quickly and deliciously it comes together. Time: 5 minutes (need to allow […]

  • Diego Lozano – Leader in Education, Master of Burpees

    By Real Results Fitness | In Blog | on October 31, 2016

    “For anyone starting the program, it’s going to be tough for the first couple of weeks, but you will see changes.” Diego Lozano needed to wake-up from the curveballs life threw at him. He had gotten broken-up with and found himself stagnant, reaching for fast food at least once a day and not using the gym […]

  • A blonde, a brunette and a redhead beard (and a total beefcake) walk into a gym… They say true love takes many forms. Well this has to be the oddest form of any. You’ve probably seen us at REAL RESULTS – shirtless, bearded and wearing compression tights forming a protective layer over legs that have […]

  • Heather Soto was one of REAL RESULTS Fitness’ first members. I’m proud to tell her weight loss story through The Baby, The Beard and The Barbell. She meets the requirements when it comes to The Baby and The Barbell and as far as The Beard, replace it with “The Badass” and you have check marks […]

  • holy-alkaline 2

    Holy Alkaline!

    By MarcFloyd | In Blog, Nutrition, Recipes | on April 6, 2016

    An alkaline diet detox is a special type of detox that not only rids your body of waste but also helps balance your body’s pH.  Your body’s pH is the balance of alkaline and acid in your body.  When you pH level is not correct, you can have health problems and experience many of the […]

  • Zoneil, a web editor/social media “dude” at and Vegas Seven, started the blog Losing It to document his fitness journey with REAL RESULTS. He asked me to write a guest post about picking the right shoes for different types of exercising. Here it is… One of the main reasons it took me so long […]

  • 40 Pounds Gone and A New Life Gained

    By MarcFloyd | In Blog | on February 9, 2016

    “They say” a picture is worth a thousand words. And for sure what Rachel accomplished is visually impressive. It took almost a year to the day to produce what you see here. But forget the picture for a moment. What you see is NOTHING compared to WHAT IT TOOK to create this change. You might think, “ok, […]