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Paul Rosenberg

Branden Collinsworth

Lonnie Love

Paul Rosenberg embodies fitness. His 20 years in the fitness industry have touched the lives of over a thousand clients. Working at Judy Gillette’s, Gold’s Gym, Family Fitness Centers and LVAC, and now the co owner of Real Results gym, Paul continues to make his mark on the local fitness market. Full Bio
As a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and industry leader Branden Collinsworth has successfully capitalized on numerous projects with in the fitness industry. He has been featured on Dr.OZ and has been endorsed by brand giants Lululemon Athletica and most recently become one of the first trainers to be signed to Nike.. Full Bio
Lonnie Love is a known as a gym rat, a trainer, a fitness enthusiast, and a professional boxer. His clients can tell you that he serves you with the customers is always right mentality but when fitness is discussed this is where he takes charge. Lonnie Love is fitness. Full Bio


Denesia Smith

Sharon Rosenberg

As the Real Results front desk receptionist, Denesia takes great pride in engaging with the clients of the gym. Her pleasant demeanor is a welcome treat and her responsibilities are as follows; answering questions and providing information about the different exercise routines, the workout schedule, and the trainers.
Mother of Paul Rosenberg, Sharon has been a resident of Las Vegas for over 39 years. She spent her formative years in Southern California and graduated from University High School. While attending Los Angeles College of Medical and Dental Associates she worked in the medical field both in Los Angeles and then when she moved to Las Vegas. Having a passion for philanthropy she has donated her time to the Jewish Federation, Temple Beth Shalom, B’nai Brith Women, ORT, Sunrise Hospital, and Desert Springs hospital. Sharon currently is the bookkeeper for Real Results Fitness.


Bryan Nelson

Michael Agwara

Special Classes
Personal Trainer


Marc Floyd

Marc is a native Las Vegan and  one of the remaining 10%. He has been in the personal computer and networking field for over 20 years and has worked positions from PC Technician to Network Administrator. Marc started his own computer consulting business in 2001 and then in 2006 he started “The PC Touch” computer repair/service and support. Now starting in 2013 along with his son Chris they run “Floyd Computer Services”. Marc does IT work and special projects here at Real Results Fitness and keeps us on our toes by keeping us organized.

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