Real Results Fitness VS. Crossfit

Is there a difference?            YES

Is Real Results as tough as Crossfit?

You bet we are. Maybe even tougher! Real Results Fitness is a comprehensive fitness and lifestyle enhancement program designed to fit the needs and goals of our clients. At REAL RESULTS, we take pride in understanding where our clients are physically and mentally while helping them realize their highest potential.

Every person’s body is different which requires different types of programming. The Crossfit model revolves around the W.O.D “Workout of the day” strategy, a predetermined workout that everybody participates in. While Crossfit does decrease and progress weights/loads according to one’s fitness level, customization is left out. At REAL RESULTS, our trainers are able to create customized programming and still maintain the energy and fun of a group session.

We do this using our patented B.I.A model.

Beginner: Basic movements, one plane of motion, becoming familiar with your body

Intermediate: Higher-level movements, multi-player, and explosive, some outside loads

Advanced: High intensity, multi-planar, heavier loads, advanced exercise selection and demand on body

If an individual has been sedentary, has health problems, recovering from injuries or just starting their workouts then exercises will be scaled down in order to make workout routines easier. If an individual expresses athletic ability, a high level of physical fitness and is ready for harder workouts, workout intensity and loads will be increased. At REAL RESULTS Fitness, the goal is to push you a little beyond your threshold each time. No more, no less, that’s how true progress happens.

Comprehensive eating and lifestyle plan, the “REAL 90”:
Available to members is a one-hour fitness evaluation and our comprehensive yet simple to follow the eating plan: the “REAL 90”.  Our program is designed to help members shape their body, health, and create a life they want to live.  Our qualified trainers guide members and hold them accountable to creating a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Over the last 10 years, the REAL 90 Meal Program has transformed the bodies of over 1000 individuals. It is not a diet. It is a system designed to teach our clients how to identify what’s best for them when it comes to food and lifestyle choices.

Through an intimate relationship and to ensure accountability and progress, eating, fitness, and lifestyle log will be provided for each client to log their success.

Positive Psychology and Well-being:
At Real Results, we understand that physical fitness is only one element of what it takes for an individual to flourish in life.  Our program, gym and company culture is designed to cultivate well-being in individuals. Rooted in Positive Psychology, our program implements some of the most innovative and impactful research to give our clients the tools to make lasting positive change.

  • Goal Setting
  • Mindfulness
  • Time Management
  • Finding your purpose
  • Relationship Management
  • Finding your passion
  • Resiliency
  • Courage

Philanthropy and Community Ties:
Real Results Fitness is one of the only gyms in the nation that has a non-profit arm dedicated to fighting and solving childhood obesity. The Jump for Joy Foundation’s mission is to provide youth and families with resources to combat childhood obesity and lead healthier lifestyles through education and physical activity. Real Results Fitness staff and clients participate in monthly events put on by the Jump for Joy Foundation.

We also believe that having strong ties to the community is a fundamental element of success for the business and the individual. We take our clients out once a month on physical outings. These outings have consisted of Hikes, bowling, Jump trampoline centers, and laser tag.

Quality control:
The quality of a Crossfit workout varies gym to gym. While some offer superb programming and have excellent trainers, there are also Crossfit gyms or affiliates who do not follow the full Crossfit protocol. There is only one Real Results gym and the owners are intrinsically tied to its day-to-day operations. The owners, Paul and Branden, combined have over 35 years of experience in the fitness field.

Stretch to win:
Real Results Fitness is the only gym that incorporates the Stretch to win system into client programming. Clients are taught how to not only assess their own bodies but are given the knowledge and tools to increase the range of motion, perform myo-facial release therapy and correct biomechanical imbalances.

Real Results is committed to staying true to its name and delivering the highest quality of service. Although Crossfit is an amazing workout program it does not encompass the many components that the Real Results Fitness 12-week program has. We encourage you to come in and try us out. Real Results Fitness “It’s a lifestyle.”

Functional movement screen:
Real Results also offers the Functional Movement Screen to determine areas of weakness, pain, and stiffness.  Based on how you score (raw score based on the total from all exaggerated body movements) at the conclusion of the FMS, the trainer will determine if you can begin engaging in group training classes or will suggest one on one training for a time until you are ready for group classes.  The trainer may also prescribe “corrective exercises” for you to perform on your own.  If you score low on the FMS you may be instructed to engage in physical therapy with our resident physical therapist.

Self-myofascial release class:
Another injury prevention benefit to attending Real Results is our REAL RECOVERY class taught by our resident massage therapist.  Various tools, such as foam rollers and lacrosse balls are used to release muscle and fascial tension to improve flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injuries.  This guided, hour-long class will essentially roll out the soles of your feet to the top of your head using your own body weight to massage away and release muscle restriction.