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We are definitely not the “average” gym. As soon as you walk into the gym, you will not only see the visual difference but also you will feel and experience the vibe. Located in the Las Vegas Arts District downtown, the building itself, our systemized 12-week program, the sound system (donated by TAO), the music we play, and, of course, the outstanding trainers, are all unique qualities you won’t find any where else in Las Vegas.

No mirrors or neon, no TVs, and no rules: we have an unorthodox style, and we are proud of it. No, we are not “Cross Fit” and yes, you can swear here. Wear whatever workout clothes you desire, and if we like your taste in music, please bring in your iPod to play on our club quality sound system. We don’t claim to be fancy or pretty; instead, we provide the most outstanding service… It’s a lifestyle, y’all! We are a culture, a movement – not an occasional interest or fad.  Read More.